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. >>> still ahead on 9news now this saturday night. more apologies tonight from rupert murdoch for that phone hacking scandal. the embattled ceo is planning to do next coming up next. >>> reporting from los angeles. the very latest on carmageddon ahead. >>> a beautiful moon. some mild temperatures. and a great finish to our spectacular weekend. waking up tomorrow morning you'll find the temperatures easing through those 70s into the 80s, upper 80s for tomorrow and 90s will make a >>> a section of the world's busiest freeway is the road not traveled tonight. i-405 is shutdown and crews demolished a bridge as part of the expansion. here is a report from los angeles and what happened on predictions of carmageddon. >> reporter: the massive project shutting down 10 miles of the expressway and shut out more than a half million drivers through the week. but so far what's being called carmageddon is more like carma heaven. >> it is not trafficy. it is absolutely a breeze getting around. >> lightest traffic i have ever seen in l.a. >> reporter: carmageddon hyped for weeks in this driving obsessed city
murdoch and his news empire and what's going on in england is startling to think the extent that they went to to break the law to try to report a story. >> reporter: a direct apology from rupert murdoch ran throughout the weekend. the full page headline read "we are sorry." cbs news, new york. >> rupert murdoch and his son james are scheduled to appear before parliament on tuesday along with brooks. >>> the entire nation of japan is celebrating tonight after their women's soccer team beat the u.s. in the world cup finals. it was an incredible game with the american women. twice looking like they had the contest won. kristin berset is here with all the heart-stopping details. >> bruce, yes, the u.s. women had the lead with just 6 minutes left. all they needed to do was hold japan and they would get their first world championship in 12 years. but some sloppy play by the americans and a japanese team that just never gave up. gave a grieving country something to celebrate. the lady's getting a look at the trophy before the match. this game would take extra time with the u.s. up one. japan on a
from the crowd at murdoch armed with a plate of foam. >> oh. >> luckily no one was hurt. police took the protestor away. >>> well, as juvenile as it may sound, a pie to the face does send a message to anybody who has been disgraced by that prank. our own ken molestina hit dc streets and found out there are plenty of folks who would love to pie someone else. >> reporter: it's the prank that has people across the globe talking. murdoch took a pie to the face while testifying to parliament on tuesday. his wife was quick to react and smack the protestor but washingtonians want to do the creaming. >> boehner, why not. >> all you politicians, pie to the the face. >> the mayor, vincent gray. >> reporter: why. >>. >> because he's a handsome man. whipped cream would be good for his skin. >> eric canter would be good for a pie in the face. >> reporter: as many would imagine, politicians became the clear target but celebrities were next on the list. >> john mayer. >> arnold schwarzenegger for his -- the last couple of months what he's done. >> buck walter the manager for the orioles. he's been
to meet with the attorney general to talk about rupert murdoch. they want to know more about the fbi investigation into the empire. the bureau is looking into some of the allegations that the first service in london that reporters were offering to pay police officers to retrieve the private records on 9/11 victims. >>> there's new video from the deadly terror attacks in norway. this is surveillance footage from the moment the bomb blast struck in oslow on friday. you can see glass shattering, people running out of the store. police say a car bomb was set off near government buildings killing eight people. officials say he then drove to a small island dressed as a policeman and calling gun downed teens at a youth summer camp. today norwegian police destroyed even more explosives found at a farm rented by bravick. now police believe he made his bomb using fertilizer, buying it in large amounts by pretending to be a farmer. well caught on tape, a government worker apparently helping a wealthy russian drug dealer committ medicaid fraud. >> like we won't get in trouble for the business? >
edition was published with the headline thank you and goodbye. rupert murdoch shut the paper down after a phone hacking scandal. they hacked into the cell phones of celebrities, military vets killed in action and most recently the cell phone of a 13- year-old murder victim. >>> the obama administration is taking a tough line tonight with pakistan. it suspended $800 million in military aid to that country because of estranged relations between the u.s. and pakistan. today white house chief of staff william daily said the estranged relationship between the two countries, quote, must be made to work overtime. he also said pakistan's political system is still reeling from u.s. raids that found and killed osama bin laden. >>> new support for the made who accused former imf head of rape. a group of community activists in new york are demanding that the d.a. continue prosecuting the case. >> they must continue this case. >> demanding that they continue with this case, give this woman her day in court. >> questions about the accused's credibility were uncovered by investigators working for the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)